Mental Core and Pelvic Floor

I just read an article by Ragunath Padmanabhan a guy who was a big hit in Silicon Valley and then decided to commit to life off the grid in organic farming with his wife and son. In the article he talks about chasing happiness. He reminds readers that for centuries Prophets and Saints have said, “it is human nature to be constantly oscillating between cravings and aversions.” I would agree, we manage to bump along between lust and fear in much of our life.

In order to break, or at minimum pause that cycle of (in other words) hunger and distain the Eastern religions teach the practice of detachment. Or Aristotle, a founder of Western Philosophy, taught moderation. Aristotle taught he pursuit of the three vices, honor, pleasure and wealth is okay, but don’t make it an all-encompassing goal.

Ok, so we’re better off not spending all our energy between craving and aversions, practicing detachment and moderation are ideal so is the goal to wander through our life in a post Shavasana haze? Where do we dig in, invest, and latch on!?

The answer, I believe is at the core. In the center of your heart you can feel stillness and connection. For me, it feels like being snuggled in optimism. Getting quiet isn’t easy for type A American achievers. I find my grounding mentally in meditation, spiritually in nature and physically by sensing my skin, bones and deep muscles Sense all you know of yourself and find more. Try this exercise to connect to your body’s physical core. Click HERE

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine! It’s your day, to transform. To deeply feel the muscles that support your bones is magical. Very soon the light will come on in your mind and you’ll sense your being muscles that support you inside as loudly as your doing muscles that carry you farther than you imagined.

When you feel true connection and support from deep on the inside you get stronger and clearer and calmer on the outside! Rise and shine, feel your center, BEGIN!

Try it now, start with a C-curve: click here