Deeeeep Core

The most of my work in my home studio is core related. I teach Pilates principles on Pilates equipment but what I get most inspired by (that most teachers gloss over) is Pelvic Floor. That’s why Steve found me when his Doctor said do pelvic floor work and that’s why we made this YouTube Channel for guys who were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Pelvic Floor vs. Core

The truth is EVERYONE needs to know their pelvic floor, how to control, strengthen and differentiate those muscles. Why? To avoid incontinence in old age and keep all your parts high and tight, for longer better deeper orgasms, and for the foundation of your spinal and abdominal muscles. It takes some courage and imagination but go for it. Learn your body inside out!

What is your story? Jennie Sikora 2011 Chapter 2


I have learned the power of simply saying “No Thank You”. I wish I could say that I said it all the time this month but I didn’t. However, I learned that it is the simplest strategy to adopt my new eating habits. This month has been a challenge, but every goal that is worth it, is never easy right?

I travel a lot for my job and many times have no control over where or when I am going to eat, so it makes it difficult to plan my meals. I was starting to feel like an alcoholic being dragged to bar after bar. I felt that I had to explain to everyone what I could eat or not eat and how much. (On a side note-It is amazing how that triggers feelings in the people you are with). I was getting frustrated with other people’s questions the “Why’s?” Why am I trying to live a lighter lifestyle? And “What’s?” What are all the things you do in the Fill Your Cup life style? It’s eating less, eating only when your hungry, eating to a point that you are only 80 percent full so, still a little hungry. These conversations regarding the why and what caused me to give in several times because I didn’t want to explain it. At one point, I laid in my hotel room questioning if I would even be able to do this. When I was loosing my motivation and feeling embarrassed that I could not get a grasp on this, I reached out to Julie. She reminded me of my goals and put things into perspective. That helped me a lot. I actually looked at my long term goals and began my visualization. To fit into my goal jeans is a lot more rewarding than a dessert at a customer dinner or more food than my body needs. It is something I am starting to say everyday to myself to help keep those thoughts in the front of mind instead of pushing them to the back.

On my next trip, I simply said, “NO THANK YOU”, when offered tempting foods or more portions than I needed. I found that was so simple. No one was asking any questions. Just saying “No Thanks”, shut everyone up-End of Story. It is so strange and I guess a bit basic, but I started to feel empowered by the word “NO”. I actually looked at my long term goals and began my visualization. To fit into my goal jeans is a lot more rewarding than a dessert at a customer dinner or more food than my body needs. I am not “there” yet but for the last week and for my next two business trips it is definitely helping.

Things I am learning:

I have to be held accountable. I am getting better at my tweeting. If I eat it I have to write it. I was “avoiding” my food journal tweets when I did not make good choices. I decided that I HAVE to write it down. I am learning to ask myself, “Would you want to say you ate that or that much of it?”

If I do make choices that are not favoring my goals, I can not loose motivation. I cannot turn one set back into 5 or 6 setbacks. Once it is over it is over and my next decision or choice can be better. By saying “No Thank You”, I am getting control within situations I can not control. So the decisions and choices are MINE.

What is your story? Jennie Sikora 2011 Chapter 1

January 3, 2011

Instead of thinking about all the positive self-help thinking that is out there, especially this time of year, I read something that struck me about how life is a story. I was intrigued. Simply put, we are just characters in our own story. We can make our stories true or not. We can create or eliminate characters in our story. For some reason this resonated with me. Do I want to keep fighting the same battles and having my story turn out the same? Do I want the same people in my story? Can I make myself the hero instead of the victim?

Before I go on, let me summarize my story up to this point. My name is Jennie and I like, no I love food. It is my friend, my social companion, my enemy, my comforter and any other “person” you can connect to. Food and my weight have been the main characters in my story. I am an emotional eater, food addict, whatever the label is, I am it. I have struggled with it my whole life. I am a competitive person and usually when I set a goal I will accomplish it. If you tell me to run a marathon, I will train, plan and do it. If you tell me to do 2 hour spin classes, I will set my mind and do it. If I want a promotion, I will do what needs to be done and get my promotion. However, if you tell me that I can think of myself as thin and have control over this battle with weight or if you tell me to cut back on my portions, I will say okay and then worry on how I am going to accomplish it and then sooner than later… I blow it, eat more than I need to and then follow with the regret, the blame, and the extra workouts to make up for it. My chapters are starting to get boring.

I can’t rewrite my story because you can’t go back. Regret is a horrible monster. But instead of rewriting, I simply will change my story. I wrote that I have always struggled with food, and yes that may be true, but in my new story, I can challenge the internal battle. In my new story, I will make me the main character instead of food and the battle. I will focus on the greatness I am achieving no matter how small or large instead of the negative or what I am not doing. I will add new characters that can help me build meaning to my story.

I have goals that I would like to achieve this year – goals are part of my story, and this time the story cannot end. That has happened to me before, and then I have to start over. Instead, I am learning to build from my prior chapters. My new story is a lifestyle change.

Goals for this chapter of my story:
Practice the Fill Your Cup Lifestyle every meal.
By April, be 2 sizes smaller
Cardio-4X per week Core and strength training 3-5X per week.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing my story with you in this blog. I challenge you to whole heartedly think about what your story has been up to this point in your life and what you are going to do with that story. Share your thoughts by clicking “comments” to the left.