Tribal Influence

Tomorrow I meet brand new friends, a new tribe trusting me to motivate them to change their way with food and exercise and maybe change their life. Tall order – I know the magic. It is in the energy they hold for themselves and each other. It is in their shared values.
I love small groups, let it be a spin class, a prayer meeting, a political rally or a coven of witches. People inspire each other when they support one another’s cause. With an exercise/diet/lifestyle program it may start with a twinge of seeking approval, a surge of competition, or watching another body change that gives you the confidence to push out of your comfort zone. Knowing you are in a group that supports your goal to be healthier, leaner, happier makes you successful. Having people in your corner saying – “it’s ok to be hungry, and stay a little hungry for a while” or “it’s good to be active and make your exercise a priority” may be a big change from the influences that you have in your life today, but we are here and we support you!
In Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss says:
“Many tribal beliefs we inherit are a combination off truth and fiction. Many of them, such as “murder is forbidden,” hold eternal value. Others lack that quality of eternal truth and are more parochial, designed to keep tribes separate from one another, in violation of the sacred truth ‘all is one.’ The process of spiritual development challenges us to retain the tribal influences that are positive and discard those that are not.”
Which tribal influences serve you and the body you want to create today? What is your truth and what is your fiction? Fill Your Cup.