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8 lbs. vs the Whopper

Today in class two students who have been part of the Fill Your Cup tribe from inception were talking about a weight loss goal. One woman said, in the next 6 weeks she wanted to lose 8 lbs and so she got diet pills so she could still eat fast food cheeseburgers. The other replied, “You know you get one or the other, 8 lbs off or the whopper.”

It was so simple and clear and we all laughed at the obvious conclusion. You get thin or you get full, not both. So which one matters more?

The next element to the morning that made me smile is the tribe itself.  Your community can help support your cause.  Think about your family, friends, the classes you take – do they inspire a light living life? What would YOUR friends say in a similar situation? Are they going to tell you want is comfortable to hear, everyone deserves a Whopper sometimes hunnie or will they tell you the truth? 8 lbs vs. whopper – you decides who wins.

(PS it’s worth mentioning eventually, you will feel satisfied and satiated eating less – give yourself a month to adjust.)

Friendship is a mirror

“Reach through the top of your head” my best friend/yoga teacher tells me and taps the top of my head (smart teacher w/ her sensory cue.) I suddenly found my pose. And I also realized I didn’t have a clue where the top of my head was in that moment.

Sometimes it’s hard to see where you are in your body. Accurate body perception is a complicated emotional casserole. The ingredients include expectation, history, experience, acceptance, hope, regret and a whole lot of pinches and dashes of this and that. When we are floundering with our body a really honest friend can be a mirror. Those friends are rare since they must be comfortable enough in their body to be honest with you or me. A friend who can help might say something like: “Remember this photo from when we vacationed in Mexico, you were really happy in your skin there?“ Or “You look fantastic in those jeans I can see you’ve been sticking to the cup.”

What do we see in the mirror? How does it feel? Is this body what you want for your life experience? Just by reading this you have friends who support your plan for living light in your body. Follow me at @ j_fillyourcup. You can have your ideal body, Fill Your Cup.


My close friend is dating a man who has started asking her to move-in with him – with what we used to call the “assumptive close.” He drops “we” into daily meal planning and furniture purchases. “We can take this to our home one day,” or “We should get this gadget to make better steaks.” She is sensitive and attentive yet this verbal que is not enough for her to start packing.

There is something special in the formality of a request. “Please join me for dinner?” or “Will you come to this class that I think you will love?” or “Will you move in and share this home with me.” It is more than a meal or a class or even a roof over your head. It is an invitation to share your very self. A place for joining your mind (maybe body and spirit too) with another person, during that shared time or space.

I realize I am like her lover, with his “We” I assume the blog readers are in the same tribe as I, you all get it – you know that I want to include you in the process of staying slim. Yet, perhaps I haven’t made the formal request:

Will you join me in this space of mind-share? Will you join the quest to feel lighter, to move every day, to blog your thoughts-challenges and successes, tweet your meals and share this journey to live light and true to your self?

There is something stabilizing in We. I have a hunch that the more of us there are in the We, the more stabilizing it will feel. The more people you know who keep the cup the more “normal” that cup will feel. You are endorsed by other people’s reflection of your beautiful transformation and they are endorsed seeing themselves in you.

There may be struggles with holding your own little cup but you are not in it alone. We support you!

* Tell all your friends about this blog and website, we learn from eachother’s experiences and from sharing our own. If you’re new, Fill Your Cup is a lifestyle for slim and conscious living. Explore the website there are free core exercise clips and an audio sample of the book Fill Your Cup. It’s never too late to start feeling lighter! You’re right on track, jump in right now, bring a friend on this journey with you reading the blogs, following me and other keepers of the cup on Twitter (click here) or sign up here to receive email updates (click here)

A Blog, a Boost, a Buddy

“Step away from the nuts!!!”… Says my girl friend/exercise/weight maintenance ally during an over scheduled day, when I anxiously begin snacking trail mix. I’m saved by the voice of reason. Tomorrow, I may offer a similar support for her.

When you’re on a quest for an exceptional lifestyle it is so very helpful to have a posse/a tribe/a team/a congregation – whatever! When you are doing something outside the norm, you need other people who totally support you. We are social creatures who see our own dreams and success mirrored in other people’s experiences. I see people every day who are inspired and energized by the vitality others bring to their goals. Socializing is a beautiful, motivating aspect of our human experience.

So what happens if you have exceptional goals, like living the Fill Your Cup life style and you are legitimately reigning in your portions, yet none of your friends or family really supports that goal? Or if they do support it “in theory” they don’t actually “get it” because they aren’t committed to trying to Keep the Cup themselves?

Your social support is RIGHT HERE – yes, here – in this blog and the 98 blogs that preceded it. They were all written with you, my friend, in mind. They address questions like: Why is it hard to eat less? How can you manage hunger? What tools may help you? Where do you find your own conviction? These blogs offer you camaraderie when embarking on the Fill Your Cup lifestyle.

Did you know that any question you post to any blog sends an email directly to me and sometimes to people who posted their comments before you? We are here to support you and help you maintain a lighter leaner lifestyle.

Stay Tuned, next lesson: Twitter

Fill Your Cup!

Juxtaposition of Inside and Outside

When I teach indoor cycling I teach, “The control you need on your bike comes from both the outside and the inside. From the outside, you have some resistance on the flywheel, or enough gear. From the inside, your control comes from developing your pelvic floor, and core muscles in order to stabilize your body in space.“ Following the inside/outside fundamentals your legs produce much more power.

Keeping Your Cup has many names these days, maybe calorie restriction (CR) or portion control. Unfortunately, the name doesn’t make it easier. It is just not easy to grow accustom to hunger. It requires developing fundamental stability. As in cycling, your stability in managing hunger comes from both the inside and the outside.

The Fill Your Cup Lifestyle addresses your outside resistance with the tangible cup. You limit your consumption to the size of Your Cup. Your two hands provide the boundary, the cup and based on your own human inch the cup is perfectly proportionate to your body. If you click on Portion Control in the tag cloud to the bottom/right of the website-blog page you can see all the blogs and even some pieces of the Fill Your Cup book that relate to Portion Control.

The Fill Your Cup inside piece is faith in your innate knowing and ability to make good choices. Inside is your freedom and creativity to Fill Your Cup however you want to. You have the power to choose from your own wisdom and knowing what makes you feel good. Whether you choose in the grocery cart or from a menu, honoring your own choices and recognizing what different foods feel like in your own body is magnificent and liberating. If you click on Intuitive Eating in the tag cloud to the bottom/right of the website-blog page you can see all the blogs and even some pieces of the Fill Your Cup book that relate to Intuitive Eating.

The part of the Fill Your Cup that is often the key to our ability to succeed when, the going gets tough blends the inside and the outside – our social network. My thin and healthy friends make my lifestyle easy to maintain. When we choose a walk over a lunch date, or an appetizer over a dinner plate we support each other’s lighter choices and all feel better in our clothes!

I know that it helps me to stay on track when I see my friend twitter her noon cup of chopped chicken salad when I am craving an afternoon snack. I realize if she is keeping the cup (and I’ve finished my noon cup) I can sip some herbal tea or water and engage fully in my life. I know from experience and keeping the cup day by day that my afternoon craving will fade. Can I call a friend; start a project and Fill my emotional cup more fully so I won’t stuff it with a snack? Yes of course. And so can you. Develop your social life your people you eat with, move with, and call for encouragement are invaluable. If you don’t have that in day-to-day life join our social network, and we will welcome you to our fraternity of light lean positive support!

Follow me on Twitter j_fillyourcup is my twitter name. Ask me anything with an @j_fillyourcup public message (that may help a fellow cup keeper) or a d_fillyourcup private message. Share comments here on the blog too. You never know who is going to have just the right thing you need to hear to keep you committed to the cup today.

Practice every day, 3 times Fill your cup and know that we are all here cheering you on! We are in your corner!

Fill Your Cup Cliff Notes

Yes everyone is pre-disposed and conditioned with certain values and those values often (if not always) affect your body image. You may be, as the LA Times Article of yesterday’s blog suggests, a “Natural Couch Potato” but if, you dislike the shape your butt is leaving in the couch then it is time to get over your excuses and find a way to be whomever you CHOOSE to be. Leave the conditioning behind!

The Fill Your Cup lifestyle is simple and it has never failed. It has various degrees of success based on the energy level the participant puts into it, but everyone loses weight. Even my 67-year-old mother – lost 11 pounds this summer filling her cup!

Here are the basics – they are FREE: all you need is your own determination (please refer back to the Lululemon blog on goals)
Do you want to be slimmer?
Do you want to be slimmer more than you want to be full of food?

If you answer, “yes” to both questions here is the way:

1. Read the blogs – (sign up for the RSS feed above and you will get an e-mail every time I post a new blog.)
2. Comment your thoughts or feelings, then other people working the program or I will respond.
3. Sign up for Twitter and “tweet what you eat” this will help you stay accountable.
4. Follow me on Twitter and let me know you are keeping the cup. I will follow you and I can give you some other people to follow who twitter their diets as well.
4. ONLY eat what fills the cup of your 2 hands (Yes you can mound the cup. Yes you can fill it with chocolate) try different foods and notice what you feel like after you eat them. Then you will know what fuel makes you feel the best.
5. See the body you want to have like emerge into the person that you are. Your dream waistline is really in there! 🙂 Remember that, whenever you want to over-fill your cup!
6. Move your body every day, however you like. Feel your skin seem to melt as you sweat over your tightening muscles and feel your bones move with in your muscles.
7. Stick with it.

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” – My mother, Jo

Tribal Influence

Tomorrow I meet brand new friends, a new tribe trusting me to motivate them to change their way with food and exercise and maybe change their life. Tall order – I know the magic. It is in the energy they hold for themselves and each other. It is in their shared values.
I love small groups, let it be a spin class, a prayer meeting, a political rally or a coven of witches. People inspire each other when they support one another’s cause. With an exercise/diet/lifestyle program it may start with a twinge of seeking approval, a surge of competition, or watching another body change that gives you the confidence to push out of your comfort zone. Knowing you are in a group that supports your goal to be healthier, leaner, happier makes you successful. Having people in your corner saying – “it’s ok to be hungry, and stay a little hungry for a while” or “it’s good to be active and make your exercise a priority” may be a big change from the influences that you have in your life today, but we are here and we support you!
In Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss says:
“Many tribal beliefs we inherit are a combination off truth and fiction. Many of them, such as “murder is forbidden,” hold eternal value. Others lack that quality of eternal truth and are more parochial, designed to keep tribes separate from one another, in violation of the sacred truth ‘all is one.’ The process of spiritual development challenges us to retain the tribal influences that are positive and discard those that are not.”
Which tribal influences serve you and the body you want to create today? What is your truth and what is your fiction? Fill Your Cup.

Ignore Everybody – Part 3

I am still buzzing, a little from reading “Ignore Everybody –and 39 Other Keys to creativity” by Hugh MacLeod this week.

Another ah-haa moment happened on page 2 when Hugh said, “a big idea will change you – your friends may love you, but they may not want you to change.” He also said “they might not have any incentive to see you change” which is also important.

Community is really big for weight loss. As much as our friends love us, they may feel if we change maybe it will change their place in our lives – they have accepted us as we are now. Change can be unnerving. What incentive does your best friend, sister, spouse, brother, have in your waistline?

If you don’t have a community of people who are really whole-heartedly supportive — I mean with out any reservation, entirely on your side to becoming leaner. Your road is harder than it needs to be. Find friends who you commit to losing weight with, exercise with, friends who share your goals.

This is where I love Twitter. People who are “keeping the cup” tweet (that’s sending a message from their profile set up at what they eat, I see that as I follow them and I tweet what I eat and they follow me, cup by cup all day. It’s easy! If you text message (most of us use a cell phone anyway) you can send out your tweet through text.

The act of journaling your meals is enhanced by connecting your choices with a community of people who are also keeping their meals in their cup. It brings you a sense of consciousness to what you put into your mouth.

We also sometimes tweet our exercise or something we found inspiring or exasperating in our day. What is filling or depleting our metaphorical cup is deeply tied to success with our choices in food and beverage. So TWEET WHAT YOU EAT!

We are here for you – your community – your new friends. We are in your corner! Fill Your Cup!

Fill Your Cup Lifestyle is Simple:

1/3 pro-portion control, 1/3 honoring your feelings, 1/3 social networking lifestyle

But it is not initially easy. You inspire your changes from the inside out. No pharmaceuticals, No trainers yelling at you, it is just you – you, and the cup of your hands, the depth of your heart and how much you want to change your body.

I promised this week to give you practical ideas to make it a little easier this week to keep the cup:

• No “all you can eat:” ever!! (This came up at Easter Brunch I bet… ) At least avoid buffets in your first 6 months or until you are really confident with the Cup. You need to be absolutely commitment to manage all those choices. I feel it is best to avoid the all you can eat brunch, salad bar, buffet all together. Your Cup is too small for those endless platters of food. This plan is one meal – one cup – per sitting. It is so much easier to order a-la-carte in a regular restaurant or take half your meal home from a restaurant while dining out.

• Have a shower: or bath, and really enjoy the soap the scrub, the candles, whatever you do to feel pampered as you bathe. Just change your state to change your mood, until the hunger passes or longer.

• Get out of the kitchen: If you are eating at home don’t hang out in the kitchen munching as you clean up. Just move on and clean up later once the feeling has passed. REMEMBER: hunger is JUST a feeling; like lust – and just like lust – it will fade…(can you decide to let it fade a little faster?)

Good Luck, Email, Blog, Tweet if you need support or want to share your experiences with others!