Release into Hunger

A brilliant teacher in Whistler B.C. Kristin Campbell was teaching a hip opening stretch in Yoga today and she said, “Notice the source of the sensation and breathe into it” the second she said it, I smiled and thought – That’s it! That is… exactly what we need to do when we are hungry or uncomfortable with any feeling.

The two steps that offer us space are:

1. Notice the source of the sensation: Are you really hungry? Could you be feeling some other emotion that sometimes seems like hunger, in the moment: Anxious? Aggravated? Bored? Uncertain? Grief? Sorrow? Rejection? Scattered?
2. Breathe into it: Inhale – Let your ribs expand, and your heart lift, let your whole body fill up with air, expand your life force. Exhale – let something go, realize you are not defined by this emotion and you can move past it, in just a few minutes the feeling will change. There is nothing so urgent, take another couplet of inhalation and exhalation. Take inventory. What do you REALLY feel?

The stretch gave me a little space in my joints – I hope this exercise gives you a little space in your day to make the best choices for your goals. Fill Your Cup!