Mother – Thanks

In the Book Fill My Cup I thank my mother for her early training it weight management. She would say, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels…”
Today’s mothers fear an assortment of eating disorders (that apparently my mother didn’t consider with me) and would probably never say such a thing.

Then funny thing, today Mom and I were having lunch at the Mandala Tea room (An enchanting spot in Scottsdale, AZ an organic, vegan and raw food connoisseur’s delight.) and a really really thin young woman walked in and my mom immediately commented, “Now that girl has anorexia!” I was shocked at my Mom; apparently she has limits to applauding thin-ness. In our society of over indulgences and decadence typically, lightening the cup is the way to go. Longevity research shows with out a doubt that staying a little hungry and limiting calories, increases our life span. Occasionally, filling the cup the best way we can is a laborious task and skipping meals is easier. Yet, not getting adequate calories to sustain your lifestyle can be as unhealthy as over indulging.

Fill your cup as a proportional portion to your body size. Some days may be lighter or heavier for sure, but love your body and fuel it for energy, clarity, and light.

My mother guided my instincts as nurse and self-educated nutritionist. (She still takes vegetarian and vegan cooking classes.) Yet, I have learned from real life experience that everyone has to find their own way with food, and feel what they are hungry for to sustain their body.

My goals with Fill my Cup are:
To guide you to your own knowing of what you “should” eat;
To provide a container for your experience as well as your meals (the cup of your two hands;)
To foster your happiness with how your body looks and feels.

You need fantastic energy sources for the lifestyle you desire. Find your clarity, it’s your body, your life, your path to wellness and peace. Eat what you know you should; just keep it in the cup! Much love this Mother’s Day, Julie