Quitting: a choice

Quitting is a choice.

People without conviction choose it.

Why have you started toward this goal and does it really matter to you? Most people I’ve met who miss their goals get distracted, lose interest and make excuses. If you get past your immediate feelings, and you decide the goal you had matters to you then it’s worth growing up for.

Put your childish ADD, instant gratification excuses aside and develop your tenacity. You are worth it! Unless this goal really doesn’t matter and then deliberately change directions. I’ve yet to meet a weight loss client who says. “The 15 lbs I wanted to lose I’ve decided to keep them and wear them with pride.” But, maybe one day?

Choose wisely. Fill Your Cup.

HCG Diet

A woman came up to me after class last weekend and asked about the HCG Diet and if I thought it was healthy. I said, “I’m not a doctor so I don’t advise on health, but what do you want it to do for you?” She said, “Well, make me thin, just the last 15 lbs or so.” She was young, beautiful, voluptuous and had a dazzling smile. I said, “for how long?” She said, “Forever, because after I loose the weight I can keep it off.” I raised my eyebrows and exclaimed, “Really how?!” And she replied “by eating right and exercising.” I nodded, “And if you could actually do that, would you need the HCG?”

I explained, as I have hundreds of times before, that to be thin you have to be very mature about your diet. You have to develop enough self control to eat less than you want to all of the time for a month and still eat less than you want to on holidays, vacations, and birthdays forever. It isn’t easy but to me, it’s worth it.

I don’t know if HCG will really harm anyone but, I do know that if you aren’t willing to bite the bullet and practice the maturity and discipline because it is important to you, well, you aren’t going to do it in 6 months, either just because you are thin by medicine.

The only way to have good habits 6 months from now is to practice them today, in your natural, stressful, unpredictable, spontaneous, tempting life. If you want a temporary state of thin-ness for a class reunion, photo shoot or an event then, HCG is the luxury and risk you take. Don’t kid yourself that you have changed on the inside because for a few months you’re wearing skinny jeans.

Go back to the last post and sort out who you really are inside, and what THAT is worth. I coach people to practice eating less and to create new habits so in a few months they only need me for a check up. With Fill Your Cup your life is yours. It is yours to enjoy, honor and be responsible for. Contact me for private instruction and rates. jp@fill-your-cup.com

Learn to Fill Your Cup from the inside out.

Mindful Weight Loss

Millions of Americans—struggle each day with disappointment or shame about their bodies. Studies show that the majority of American women are dissatisfied with their weight. It’s tough; we live in a complex media conundrum with hyper thin models and mass media food promotion. No wonder we get confused! What feels good and real from the inside – balance – isn’t celebrated on the screen. The waif like supermodel advertising a dream vacation precedes a fast food chain supersize burger with crisp golden fries commercial. How can that compute into our reality? Well, exactly the way it does, in struggle. Most Americans demonstrate that eating is easier than delaying gratification. It’s difficult to save for the dream vacation or loose weight.

The balance that feels good, ultimately allows you to admire your body in truth. You will grow accustomed to sensing some space, with peace. By getting hungry and eating modestly feeling core/gut/center even after you eat you will lose weight. By choosing your own meals you honor your self, and your own choice in the process.

If you decide to take a weight loss journey from the core of your being, you create an opportunity to forgive and forget all your missteps and forge a brand new relationship with your body. It will include delayed gratification and many dreams. And it’s worth it. Fill Your Cup.