Quitting: a choice

Quitting is a choice.

People without conviction choose it.

Why have you started toward this goal and does it really matter to you? Most people I’ve met who miss their goals get distracted, lose interest and make excuses. If you get past your immediate feelings, and you decide the goal you had matters to you then it’s worth growing up for.

Put your childish ADD, instant gratification excuses aside and develop your tenacity. You are worth it! Unless this goal really doesn’t matter and then deliberately change directions. I’ve yet to meet a weight loss client who says. “The 15 lbs I wanted to lose I’ve decided to keep them and wear them with pride.” But, maybe one day?

Choose wisely. Fill Your Cup.


It takes a mind body connection at the very depths of your psyche to fill your cup ALL of the time.

Even though Fill my Cup is my concept; and being in the cup 80% of the time keeps me happy and in my skinny jeans – everyday life can bump me off track. Our accountability through twitter and in mind body exercise certainly motivates me, yet I am still not connected ALL of the time, … at least not yet.

Sometimes the requirements of my life, kids, their school, sports etc… force me into a race where I show up with the best habits I have, but slip into “auto pilot” to get through the day. It’s a day where my breath is short, and then so is my temper. My posture stays in static resignation. I have tension under my skin and I don’t even know it until I try to touch my toes. I make an effort to stay present in conversation but beyond that, the humanity that touches my life floats past me as I muddle through a list.

That was last week.

This week I reconnect. My body moves like a stranger. I don’t know or like it. I feed it out of habit but still cant feel its requirements as well as I like to. I walk, bathe, read, and feel. I tickle my kids, laugh, teach Pilates, go to yoga, teach spin and finally I am coming back in … step-by-step, poco a poco, (little by little)…. are those my ribs expanding as I breathe?

Maybe tomorrow I can shop for food. I need something raw and fresh and grounding.