Message from a Keeper of the Cup:

Hi Julie,

I wanted to say thank you again for writing the book Fill Your Cup and to let you know that I read it and l really liked it.

I like that you say such nice words about food and you give people hope to enjoy and savor meals, but at the same time you make it very clear that the reality of “hunger” and being hungry is part of the lifestyle. I often feel that I an not particularly hungry, but I can eat… (So, I shouldn’t wonder why the last 5 lb are not going anywhere?) … So then I just eat. … And I guess I overeat simply because the food is in front of my face for too long. At home I do good with portion control, but in public and at other people’s homes, it’s very difficult.

Oh, and also wanted to tell you that when I leave the gym in the morning, I am ravenous. I am lucky that I have my breakfast pre-made and packed from the night before; because on days I go out for breakfast (less and less these days) I can eat the whole restaurant in one sitting.

Love the Book! Wonderful – Congratulations!!!


PS. For snacks, do you eat raw sweet potatoes slices?

Dear Inge,

I am so glad you enjoyed the book – now please share it (and the blog) with your friends!

The last 5 lbs are in the details, keeping your cup and making clean healthy choices. Although I love sweet potatoes in your cup realize that the snacks come out of your lunch or dinner cup. Keep herbal tea with honey, Kombucha or the Myrtle Apple Cider Brew (I am sipping now) as an option for the afternoon hunger solution.

In other people’s homes, its tricky you don’t want to offend the hostess by not eating large portions. Here are some tips:
1. Serve yourself if possible
2. Know your cup, when you are at home practice with food both in your CUP and then put your portion on a plate to see how much food it is plated
3. Complement the hostess on the flavor, texture and taste of the meal and she wont likely notice how much you ate.
4. Arrive hydrated drink plenty of water before you go out so you may feel less like snacking
5. Engage fully in conversations with the people who are at the party

In Restaurants:

1. Order from the appetizer menu
2. Share a meal
3. Take half (or more) home for later
4. Eat slowly

Keep up the great work. Your body will feel better lighter. It is so worth it!

Love, Julie

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