Know Your Enemy

Mood Music: Know ur Enemy

For me it’s taxes. I sit down with a stack of receipts and the craving for trail mix is over whelming. I say, with a smirk that, “Math homework makes me fat!” It is, unfortunately – true. And although I know this perfectly well at tax time I still scrounge for trail mix, mixed nuts, and have even been seen sticking a fork into a jar of peanut butter!? If you know the “thing,” or time of day that makes you snack prepare yourself for it. Maybe it is paying bills, watching TV, doing homework with kids, or just feeling anxious or restless late at night. Know that you have this eating (or drinking an extra glass or 2 or 3 of wine or _______?) own the habit. Then know that you can choose to break it. And give yourself the best shot at staying in the cup.

Here are some tips:

1. Remove temptations – the foods that you might eat too much of, keep out of your reach or out of the house.

2. Sip water or herbal tea through a straw, it gives you oral stimulation and distraction.

3. Sip Kombucha or Lemon water since the sour flavor may distract you from eating during your vulnerable time/task.

4. Whiten your teeth. You certainly can’t eat while you have those gooey things in your mouth! Practice overcoming your tempting habit as often as you can, stick to the cup and you will – one day – let the habit go.

Send us any of your ideas for avoiding the munchies please; they help everyone reading this blog. Thanks, best of luck Filling Your Cup!