Keep the Cup

The Fill Your Cup lifestyle is a maturation process. Learning to eat less is so simple, but changing a habit is rarely a linear progression. We remind, revisit, and come to a deeper understanding of how to fill ourselves emotionally and nutritionally.

The Fill Your Cup Lifestyle is just like life, a few setbacks, re-directions, goal alignments, and a deeper awareness of what you really feel. You may fall away from your goal and then come back into it. No worries just re-connect and feel the difference.

As you practice filling only your cup – the cup of your two hands, three times every day – it gets easier. “Practice makes perfect” as the adage goes. Stay hungry, never stuff your belly, and become accustomed to that feeling of space. But, this is your sensory, emotional, exploratory life – enjoy it! Eat exactly what you want to eat and fully savor those few bites.

Fill Your Cup is about being truly satisfied with exactly what you want to eat rather than stuffing your self with something you (reluctantly) accept as good for you. Stay 20% hungry and let that that discomfort disappears in the joy and love of your life. Then, you will get the bonus of feeling great in your own skin. Have a wonderful week – Fill Your Cup!