“It is not the great temptations that ruin us; it is the little ones.” -John W. DeForest

We are blessed. Even if you aren’t shopping liberally THIS year and you are tightening your belt with household consumption, if you are reading this blog you have a computer, a roof over your head and probably a pantry with plenty of food in it. You are wealthy. You were fortunate to be born into abundance and have remained there. You will not starve, you have plenty.
If you aren’t happy with your waistline it is something you can change but you must take accountability for it. It is time to make some wise decisions with food. Every meal – approximately every six hours we have the option of making a choice that makes us leaner or a choice that makes us heavier. (If you snack every 2 hours you have three times as many choices to make.) What are you filling your cup with?
Most of us are not tempted to go out of our way to buy a cake and eat it all, but we ARE tempted to have an extra helping of lunch or eat off our kids plates even after we have finished our own meal, or grab a handful of trail mix or add chocolate to our coffee or…. or….or the list of inconsequential choices we make every day is endless. They are inconsequential that is, until our bodies are spilling out of our clothes and we are unhappy in our swimwear.
Can you make better choices? Will you stay a little bit hungry, and Fill (only) Your Cup – the palms of both hands three times a day? Check your little temptations.