Integrity is the strict adherence to a code. It implies attempted consistency of your actions in relationship to your values, expectations and outcomes. A basis for integrity may be a moral code, a spiritual code; I’d even be willing to argue that your diet is a code about your own nutrition.

The base assumption with integrity is that you have first bothered to spend some time to figure out your code. You can’t have integrity if you have no code. How can you to measure consistency in operating to something you’ve never taken the time to define?

What is your code with regard to food? Maybe you never eat fast food except on Vacation, or you always have something green with lunch or you never eat between meals or…What are your standards/code/rules/values about food? No don’t reach for Dr. Adkins, French Women, Skinny Bitch or even Fill Your Cup to define your beliefs about food just yet. Spend a quiet moment. And answer these 3 questions: What is your code? Are you operating your daily life with integrity to it? How well do the code and/or your level of integrity match up with your goals?