Go to the edge – see your true colors

“In Physics if you want to find out how something behaves, the best way it to make it uncomfortable and then see what happens.” – Lynn McTaggart

This is one if my favorite quotes, because I see it in my work every day. I taught our Canadian Tribe Cycling and Pilates for an hour, each today. (So, 2 hours of exercise, the class was twice as long as they are accustomed to.) Several times, I pushed the class to uncomfortable places and spaces with in their bodies – through an anaerobic threshold or holding a Pilates posture longer than they would have liked. I will see everyone’s natural tendencies in a class like this – giving up, plugging though, feeling frustrated, even annoyed. You see the real colors when people get uncomfortable – the rounded shoulders the schlumpuing spine, the exasperated glares.

Exercise mimics life here, we all have days that are uncomfortable, hot weather, too many obligations, our own expectations can overwhelm us with housework, business work, or even fun. Trips and activities that we really want to do may push us out of our comfort zone. What happens when something rocks your world? Do you scream, cry or kick the dog? Do you reach for the trail mix, chocolate, chips, ice cream or do you get a GIANT Salad and eat until you are bloated and full? Do you throw out your internal control, and the body and balance, that goes with it?

What do you do, or crave when you are uncomfortable? Take a moment and give that anxious or frustrated feeling some legitimacy. What is the real cause of your anxiety or resistance and what is the healthiest way for you to react to it? What action can you take in the moment of stress that will bring your inner dreams to the surface? What serves your long term goals?

Sit up straight, draw your ribs in, and shoulders back. You ARE stronger than you think and you CAN do this…from the inside out! Keep the Cup!