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Get a pen and paper or open a word or pages document and write down what exactly is your real goal is for you body? Get specific. Don’t just say I wish I was thinner or in better shape. Be more specific, make it meaningful to you. What is your ideal Jeans size or shirt or dress size? What is your goal for weight, lightness or balance or agility? Take some time with this it is your physical being and it is important.

Now ask yourself, “is there anything I am unwilling to do to achieve my goal?”
Are you willing to be hungry before you eat?
Are you willing to leave space and stop eating before you want to?
Are you willing to workout out in some way every day?
Are you willing to awaken your body by trying a new class or practicing at a deeper level?
Are you willing to make better choices for your cup (your meals) consistently? (Ex. Are you willing to cut down on fast foods? Are you willing to pass on the sweets and pick more sustaining foods?)
Are you willing to feel what choices with food or friends or life feel good or bad?
Are you willing to stop complaining about your body?
Are you willing to celebrate your wins?
Are you willing to build some self discipline?
Are you willing to increase your water intake?
Are you willing to believe it is even possible for you to achieve your goal?

Take a look at this list and although it is a short list, how many of these are you really willing and unwilling to do?

Get to know what you are really willing to do. If you are not really willing to make the changes you know you will need to achieve your goal, then go back and evaluate the goal for your body. Decide how much you really want it then stop complaining about where you are with your body and ENJOY your life!

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