Fill Your Cup Cliff Notes

Yes everyone is pre-disposed and conditioned with certain values and those values often (if not always) affect your body image. You may be, as the LA Times Article of yesterday’s blog suggests, a “Natural Couch Potato” but if, you dislike the shape your butt is leaving in the couch then it is time to get over your excuses and find a way to be whomever you CHOOSE to be. Leave the conditioning behind!

The Fill Your Cup lifestyle is simple and it has never failed. It has various degrees of success based on the energy level the participant puts into it, but everyone loses weight. Even my 67-year-old mother – lost 11 pounds this summer filling her cup!

Here are the basics – they are FREE: all you need is your own determination (please refer back to the Lululemon blog on goals)
Do you want to be slimmer?
Do you want to be slimmer more than you want to be full of food?

If you answer, “yes” to both questions here is the way:

1. Read the blogs – (sign up for the RSS feed above and you will get an e-mail every time I post a new blog.)
2. Comment your thoughts or feelings, then other people working the program or I will respond.
3. Sign up for Twitter and “tweet what you eat” this will help you stay accountable.
4. Follow me on Twitter and let me know you are keeping the cup. I will follow you and I can give you some other people to follow who twitter their diets as well.
4. ONLY eat what fills the cup of your 2 hands (Yes you can mound the cup. Yes you can fill it with chocolate) try different foods and notice what you feel like after you eat them. Then you will know what fuel makes you feel the best.
5. See the body you want to have like emerge into the person that you are. Your dream waistline is really in there! 🙂 Remember that, whenever you want to over-fill your cup!
6. Move your body every day, however you like. Feel your skin seem to melt as you sweat over your tightening muscles and feel your bones move with in your muscles.
7. Stick with it.

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” – My mother, Jo