Easy-Bliss 1, 2, 3

Once over a decade ago, I was sad. I was maxed out exhausted with little children and I was trying to be a good mother, teacher, laundry manager, PTA activist, family archivist/publicist, a teacher and friend.

It wasn’t Zoloft, Wellbutrin, prayer or meditation that saved me. (not that any of those things are bad) I made a new habit that pulled me out of my sadness.

I decided to evaluate every activity required in life and put them into 3 categories:

  1. Inspiring
  2. Restoring
  3. Draining

In category 1) I found teaching and playing catch in the park, walking with a friend or working in my garden.

In category 2) I found writing, cooking, laundry and putting the kids to sleep.

In category 3) I found cleaning floors, prepping the taxes and meetings.

I decided to outsource or limit with extreme rigor all activities in category 3. Like any habit, the more your practice it the more precise you become at it.  After a decade of practice,  I’m completely repelled by anything in category 3.  I am not afraid of change and that helps me extract myself from situations that qualify as excessively draining.  I’m also not a control freak, for example you may clean my floor any way you want to just don’t ask me to take time away from my category one or two commitments for it.

I have more energy and bliss than ever.

Is it realistic?  Not all the time, I still have to prepare taxes, and the occasional meeting cannot be avoided.  This habit cut some activities that I valued out of my life, but I adjusted and filled my life with experiences I also value and inspire me.  My energy level is high and my love of life is even higher. So the habit is worth it to me.

In Fill Your Cup I repeat, eat only what feels sustaining – leave out the junk. My life choices align in similar principle. Bring commitments to your life that inspire you, leave out the junk and you will live a blissful, inspired life.

“You cant beat what you cant block” – Adidas Football US



It’s Super Bowl 50 and I’m snuggled with my 11 year old on the couch flipping through twitter during the penalties and I see Adidas Football posts “You can’t beat what you can’t block.”   Ah-Ha!! In football speak THAT is the key to weight loss!   If you can block your hunger, like an offensively lineman, you’ll have the opening to score into your dream body! BE tough! Hold your blocks!


I tried my first diet at age 14 and have dappled in every diet that comes into vogue. I have been fat free, lo carb, no carb, vegetarian, vegan, alkaline, all carrots, food combining, blood typing, lemon/maple fast, sugar free, even the “only beer for dinner” diet; although that was a very very long ago.  There are also regional diets: French, South Beach, Sonoma, Hollywood with interesting recipes, but so much pretension about the “should” and “should not” for your meal selections. So here is my unscientific conclusion about dieting for weight loss:  The only way to lose weight is to be either hungry or bored.  My diet plan will not dispel this theory (sorry.)

I have worked in fitness, where weight loss is always a hot topic for over 15 years and students repeatedly ask me how to lose weight.  I am 5 foot 9 and excluding years of pregnancy always maintain approximately 135-140 lbs.   My response used to be based on calorie burning, and I would say, “Your body needs more fat burning exercise.  Your body performs better when blood is flowing through lean muscle mass and your endorphin levels rise.”  I still believe that is a critical component to happiness but maybe not weight loss.  I notice now that exercising more doesn’t necessarily guarantee weight loss; extra exercise makes most people extra hungry.   Manage your diet and your relationship to food from the inside.  Feel your own hunger.  This  is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.  The key is changing your choices and lifestyle from the inside out.   

I have truly never found a diet that I felt was reasonable.  Most diets are too restrictive or exacting for what I can comfortably maintain.  I detest the labeling that traditional diets seem to place on every food; with some foods as good or bad.  I just want to say,   “REALLY?!?! my apple fritter has a moral designation!?”  This is not a self-righteous or judgmental program; it is simply what works.  I have seen it work in real life for my clients over and over.  You deserve to look and feel however you want to.  If you decide to, you CAN transform yourself – from the inside out.

Fill your Cup.