Craving Fat!

Fat: It’s the bump, or the bulge, the ripples and dimples that envelope our otherwise, smooth muscle over bone constitution. AND…. it’s the flavor, the “good life” the “umm-mm-yum” that lets all the flavours we enjoy blend together in symphony on your palate, a dance along your tongue, a mouthful of delight.
Fat appeals to us at the core – genetically, it’s in our evolutionary code. Fat kept humanity alive in times of famine. Fat warmed our ancestor’s organs during long winters. But that was hundreds of years ago and it is time to progress. There are no famines in your future. (Unless you chose to fast.) Most homes have in-suite heating or cooling systems to help us manage our body temperatures. So, it is time to progress, reign in those barbaric instincts and eat the leaves and berries that sustained even our ancestors in the good times.
In the context of our lives, fatty foods accompany special occasions. We celebrate with fat. Birthday cakes, steak dinners in honor of accomplishments, cookies for parties, feasts of thanksgiving are all part of our culture and communities. Fat links the mind to pleasant memories and childhood delights. It appeals to our sentimentality and optimism. And yet, when that fat expands in our cells, spills over our jeans and bulges from our swimsuit, it is less appealing.
So we want to eat less fat. Right? Everyone knows, too much fat is bad for our bodies, but to overcome both genetic inclinations and contextual experiences requires our self discipline and conscious moderation. It requires us to behave like adults.
You are an adult, at least in most aspects of your life. Approach your meal or cup with your mature self discipline. You practice self discipline everyday when you follow traffic guides, whisper in the library or waiting in line at the café. Your don’t kick the guy who cant make up his mind ordering coffee at the Café – even though your primal-barbaric self may want to. Keep your fat cravings under that same civilized daily discipline – practice keeping only a corner of your cup, (or meal) for fats or enjoy a bite or 2 on special occasions. Fill your Cup!