Circular reference

Circular reference happens in computer programming when one piece of code requires the result from another, but that second code needs the result from the first. The entire set of functions is now worthless because none of them can return any useful information whatsoever. This leads to what is technically known as a livelock. It also appears (quite often to a woman like me) in spreadsheets when two cells require each others’ result. For example, if the value in Cell A1 is to be obtained by adding 5 to the value in Cell B1, and the value in Cell B1 is to be obtained by adding 3 to the value in Cell A1, no values can be computed. This represents a big problem. (Thanks to Wickipedia for the Cell A&B example)

A deadlock occurs when two or more processes are each waiting for another to release a resource.

Do you ever feel like your exercise/weight management progress is in deadlock? are you stuck in a circular reference? (if your mantra has become “Wellll, muscle weighs more than fat,” you may be in a Circular Reference) Function A1 in weight loss is to eat less, Function B1 is to work out, lean muscle mass burns more calories.

So here’s how it looks: You have a light breakfast or none = A1. Then you work out really hard = B1. Circular reference comes into play since you are now so hungry, you eat twice as much for lunch and crave extra snacks all afternoon abdicating the affects of A1. Your body requires more, growls for more, your stomach seems to reach up and turn over itself. Your out of easy to access energy from the exercise plan but you must cut the calories to lose weight. The hunger requires food but the weight loss diet plan prohibits it – circular reference! Each process is waiting for the other, to provide the resource it needs. What to do?

Start with this: remind yourself that the hunger is an adjustment that will ultimately make you thin. It is better to be light than full. Resist the easy extra calories or scrapping your exercise program.

Several Options:
• Breathe
• Chose an exercise activity that has lower caloric restriction to make it a little easier on your self tomorrow – long walk, yoga or Pilates class?
• Take a nap or do a breathing exercises – a 25 min rest can recharge your batteries calorie free
• Have a cup of green tea
• Sit with the hunger, notice if you can fill your cup with some joys of life: time in the garden, phone a friend, reading with a young or old person, read on your own, fully immerse yourself in your list of things to do today
• Fill YOUR Cup the cup of your spirit with the best you can imagine!