Book Signing this weekend in Park City, UT


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”   – JOSEPH CAMPBEL.

It takes a courageous type of soul to talk about weight management before Thanksgiving, when the weather is cold and all you really want is a mocha and a muffin.  But you’ll feel and look better when the sweater eventually comes off if you come explore appetite and life balance with me this Sunday at Atticus at 10 am, I’ll be there with my honey latte, no one will judge your order, so sip what you like.   I can’t wait to meet you.  Love,  Julie

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.”- Epicurus

To explain portion control, I’ve used the New York City closet analogy a lot. Maybe because most of my clients are women, but most people, male or female seem to understand.

When you have a small closet you only keep the clothes that fit really well.  I’ve had big closets and small closets but I’ve always had items I enjoyed in them.  Even if the closet is very small you have what you cherish. Even in lean years with small closets, I still get out of the house pretty often wearing my favorite things, looking pretty stylish and happy. (Ironically, I may not be troubled by sorting through less ideal choices.)

So with your smaller portion take the time to notice what you really enjoy – what makes your heart swell and your eyes twinkle.  If you only allow yourself to consume the cup of your two hands amount of food (your small closet) what do you pick?

If your lunch doesn’t have the heart swelling affect, maybe wait until a strong craving for what you really enjoy comes to you.  Enjoy your abundance – Fill Your Cup!

Fill Your Cup in a relationship

How much is enough?  Is your appetite for relating bigger than it needs to be?  

The more I’ve taught and practiced moderation the more I’ve learned about my own emotional cup.  When I’m a little tired or anxious, I crave more attention from my relationship, and that doesn’t always fit in his schedule (or mine.) 

What if I could feed my own cravings with self care?  Not medicating with food or alcohol but with a long walk, cooking or a yoga class.  What 10 things make you feel fulfilled?

Happiness in a couple isn’t much different than weight loss.  Fill a smaller cup than you initially want and savor what’s in it.  Cherish the moments together and cherish the hunger for more.  Endure the separation with thoughtful attention to what feels good and what you crave.  Desire is good it means he (or she) still makes you hot, you don’t have to satiated that feeling the moment, or even day that you notice it.  Like hunger, let it ride feel it fully and then plan and fill your cup with the best moments you can imagine!


A recipe that’s tangy, tart, crunchy and cleansing!


After a kid weekend full of pepperoni, fries and bar-b-que, even though I generally keep portions cup size I’m ready to lighten the cup and cleanse my intestines.  This is one of my go to remedies.

Slice a small head or (half of a large head) of red cabbage into strips and then dice into bite size pieces

Add a chopped up bunch (I used the whole bunch from the market) of parsley,

Add ¾ cups (half of the 9 oz box) golden raisins.

Stir all 3 primary ingredients in a bowl (I like the pyrex ones with a lid) nearly cover with apple cider vinegar a cup or so, add 4 tablespoons of agave and add 4 tablespoons of olive oil and stir.  Add salt and pepper and let it sit in the fridge for several hours  Stir again before serving.

Fill Your Cup.

“Healthy Choice Alternative”

I saw a magazine headline titled “Healthy Choice Alternatives.”   I looked at the list there were mustardy bread-less ideas for fast food.   Then tips omitting this flavorful thing from a recipe, or buying the low fat alternative of that.

How about this alternative? Don’t satiate your appetite and see if you can determine why you are so hungry?  You just ate a few hours ago.  Accept the feelings that come up and hold on to the discipline it takes to choose to keep your mouth and stomach empty.   If you really can’t stay hungry an extra hour or two and eat modesty, well suffer (and I mean truly agonize) over the consequences of being over full or bloated so you remember next time you want to over eat.  I hope you’ll chose to avoid the suffering, and you’ll find the strength to reign in your appetite.

It’s not easy, but it’s the most reasonable grown up way around the “alternatives.”

What helps you keep up your discipline and eat light even when you are hungry?

Classic Black Dress

Most fund-raisers and award functions in Southern California and Arizona where I’ve lived have cocktail attire black tie suggested as a dress code any more.  In my experience only rarely, is formal black tie really required.  It’s always lovely to see your man in a tux but hemlines are flexible.


Once upon a time in 1992 I was browsing in the Sacks Fifth Ave, in Pasadena after my shift at California Pizza Kitchen.  I was barely a woman at 20 years old and I fell in love with a classic black gown. It was the most beautiful fabric but started at a 4 digit price.  That price had been slashed with red pen into an amount that I made in a month’s time.  Since I was young and passionate I bought it!  I had a sorority winter formal upcoming and it was lovely.  It was the first gown I’d bought with my own money.  It elegantly presented the classic feminine physique so I have kept it all these years.

When Andy invited me to a southern black tie party for the National Space Club’s 25th Anniversary dinner, I pulled out my beautiful black gown.  I decided it needed and update so a quick nip and tuck in alterations with Danese Creations, Scylvia a woman who has more style in her pinkie than all the women on my block. (and I live in a stylish neighborhood!)  I wore my classic black dress, this week (22 years later) with delight.  I had to lighten my cup for 3 weeks before the party but wearing my college dress was fair compensation for giving up snacks and full meals.

Julie & Rocket


Fill Your Cup Makeover!

Our new blog/website make over is coming soon.  One change is a new category: Appetite for Life.  The Fill Your Cup Lifestyle has been a weight loss support system with 3 categories:  Portion Control, Community Support and Intuition.  We were missing the balance of a 4th dimension, a fourth season.
So coming up you’ll read more style in the lifestyle.

I’m on my way to a formal dinner in Alabama  (more about that later)
First cup of the Journey is Peet’s Coffee at Phoenix Airport Terminal 4.  It’s multiple orgasm in a paper cup – Maple Latte!  Don’t miss it but order a cup not a liter if you want to look good in your dress tonight!

“….like the lasting remnant of a summer strawberry.”

“….like the lasting remnant of a summer strawberry.”

Those of you who’ve taken classes with me for years know I read the paper. I read the Sunday New York Times from my tub and it takes me until Thursday night.

There’s a great article by Amanda Fortini in the magazine this week about lipstick. (By “the magazine” I mean The New York Times Style Magazine.) Maybe because I wasn’t allowed to wear red lipstick in high school, I think red lipstick is the height of woman-hood. I am, like the author unlikely to paint on showy make up every day. No one’s mistaken me for a glamour girl or a diva, in day to day life. Yet the line in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey Hepburn says, “hand me my purse darling a girl can’t read that kind of thing with out her lipstick” stirs my inner Aphrodite and inspires all the bliss of being a woman.

But I am all 42 years into woman hood now with the wrinkles to prove I’ve done hard things and I’ve laughed a lot more than I’ve cringed. I have lines in my skin and I wonder how red lipstick may bleed into my lip line like the raspy voiced, chain smoking piano teacher I had as a kid? (She had red lines of her mouth etching outward like a mini rivers of blood flowing from a dangerous sea.) Do I need a primer? a plumper? I need a plan!

The plan: layer layer layer: bases, lip liners and pigments and then blot blot, fading out the color in order to look berry stained rather than painted on. The formulas of new lipsticks bleed less but they still sell bases. Your finished look is beautiful prepared for an evening of LIFE, eating drinking kissing and smiling. Not to slick or perfect (whew) I’m in – all in!

I bought a Wallgreens option for $30 Sally Hansen primer Covergirl liner (Passion) and Covergirl Blastfipstick (Vixen) as well as a Nordstrom option fro $65 Kisskiss lip lift and a Nars (Fire down below) I think I’ll wear them all at once. Why not?

Living lean is as much about filling your cup with life, sometimes its about what fills you up away apart from meals, for me, today, it’s lipstick – what is your appetite for life craving? What fills your cup?


piano pic w lips

8 lbs. vs the Whopper

Today in class two students who have been part of the Fill Your Cup tribe from inception were talking about a weight loss goal. One woman said, in the next 6 weeks she wanted to lose 8 lbs and so she got diet pills so she could still eat fast food cheeseburgers. The other replied, “You know you get one or the other, 8 lbs off or the whopper.”

It was so simple and clear and we all laughed at the obvious conclusion. You get thin or you get full, not both. So which one matters more?

The next element to the morning that made me smile is the tribe itself.  Your community can help support your cause.  Think about your family, friends, the classes you take – do they inspire a light living life? What would YOUR friends say in a similar situation? Are they going to tell you want is comfortable to hear, everyone deserves a Whopper sometimes hunnie or will they tell you the truth? 8 lbs vs. whopper – you decides who wins.

(PS it’s worth mentioning eventually, you will feel satisfied and satiated eating less – give yourself a month to adjust.)