Pleasure to meet you


I’m Julie, your guide on a journey to conscious living, lighter portions and an ideal jeans’ size.

I grew up in LA, live in Phoenix, have always spent weeks of the year in the forest, and my life isn’t much different from yours in that – it’s complex.  I have 3 sons, a good husband, an ex-husband, a career, not enough hours in the day and a distain for paperwork.   I teach Pilates and coach weight loss and believe life is absolutely extraordinary.

I wrote a book about weight loss because I’ve tried everything through the years to stay a size 4, I have tried the same diets that you have, cloaking myself in their promises of magical transformation: fat free, lo-carb, no-carb, carrot-fast, vegetarian, vegan, alkaline, food combining, blood typing, lemon/maple fast, sugar free, even the “only beer for dinner” diet. I have sampled the regional diets: French Women, South Beach, Sonoma, and Hollywood, all imbued with so many directions and admonitions about the “shoulds” and “should nots” guiding your meal selections. I learned no diet can deliver its’ advertised claim.  And the dogmatic judgment of diet directives is just too oppressive for anyone with an emotional age over 12.

It took years to admit what I already knew: Diets never work for anyone’s long-term weight loss goals.  This is why; changing on the outside doesn’t matter, if you’re not satiated on the inside.

This site and my life work is about appetite and life balance.  We’ll talk style, soul-substance and staying in the light of your own vision.   You deserve to look and feel however you want to. If you decide to, you can transform yourself – from the inside out, just Fill Your Cup.