Volition, the Britannica dictionary says, “is the power of choosing or determining.”

When you can really understand Volition, when you get it that you have the power to choose there’s a sense of peace. When you fully come to grips with the fact that it’s you that you have in charge of your personal team, that it’s you that charts your course and executes your life, and ultimately it’s only you that you have to blame or celebrate for the results. Well then your whole life makes a lot more sense and the opportunities open up.

Because it’s not that grumpy husband/wife/partner’s fault, whew ok he/she won’t hold me back. It’s not the job stress that makes you eat poorly, really oh ok? It’s not your horrible genetics from your chubby polish grandmother that makes you fat, what a relief, there’s hope after all! It’s your choices for eating and moving that make the shape of your body.

Most of you who read this blog are fully formed adults and you get to make most of your own choices about food. Occasionally, there is a meal that it served that you have to eat (a portion of) out of politeness to the chef, I suppose. Generally speaking as an adult you order, cook or in some way choose the foods that you eat. With those choices you also chose your own jeans’ size. (Well at least the width)

No one can eat or exercise for you. You make those choices out of your own volition. The peace comes from accepting that you made it so, and you can change it — if you want the change enough. Fill Your Cup.