Magical Thinness – Jennie Sikora Chapter 6

I was reading something the other day that questioned what was so magical in being or rather wanting to become thin. I have waited for this glorious magic to come even when I was “thin”. How many times, I have waited to go shopping until I loose whatever amount of weight, or not gone to an event because I thought I would do it once I hit my goal weight. It is great to have goals but I realized, most of my life I have put stuff or things off, for the magical unveiling of my new self. But what kind of experiences is my current self having.

Part of the cup philosophy is to “be in the moment” be aware of what you are eating, be conscious of what decisions I am making about food and exercise. But how can I truly be in the moment if I am always waiting for that magical moment? To truly be in the moment, I have to fully experience the joys and pains of the here and now.

Maybe if I start to do that, I would focus less on the stress of changing my lifestyle/habits or struggle through the ups and downs of positive self talk vs negative self talk and INSTEAD focus on me and what is coming my way in this minute, hour and day.

There is no magical moment of thinness. I should know this. Even when I was at my thinnest, I could fit into all kinds of clothes, got lots of attention, but I still was the fat girl in a thinner body. As the cup philosophy states, you have to become this lifestyle and change the inside and then the outside will follow.

When people give compliments on loosing weight, it really is not what size you are in, or how many pounds you lost. It is the hard work and dedication that helped achieve that goal. I have lost 12 lbs since summer started. Yes I am pleased about the amount of pounds, but my in the moment, is the recognition of the hard work and sacrifices I made to accomplish that and how it attributes to my current and long term goals. It is the pride of knowing I turned down desserts, or used the small cup for several meals even though I wanted much more. That is the magic of weight loss. NOT a number or a size.

Then I made a connection. I would never walk out of spin or workout class because it was too hard. I see those classes as challenges. The hard work of the cup eating lifestyle, is the exact same as a workout class. The reward is the success of the dedication and hard work while IN THE MOMENT.

Enjoy your moments.