Roller Coaster – Jennie Sikora 2011 Chapter 5

Roller Coasters Suck

As a kid, I loved the thrill of roller coasters. It got my adrenaline going with the thrill of that up and down feeling with a sense of not being in control. NOW I HATE THE ROLLER COASTER I AM ON…

I can not seem to get past the roller coaster ride of having some up weeks and some bad weeks.

The frustrating part is when I am in the neutral place with food and exercise and doing “good” then I am not seeing results as quickly as I want. If I go down on the coaster, then I see the results I don’t want much faster. I am having my pity part of that just sucks and is not fair.

I truly do see this as a journey and not something that will end when I get to a certain goal. How I handle food is something I will always have to be conscious of. I do understand and accept that but I need to see some results to keep my motivation. During frustrating times, I have fallen into the stress of it and given in to more cups then I need or skipping a workout because I let other things get in the way.

What I need to do more of, is meditate on that fabulous feeling of that neutral spot, when the negativity is not there. That is such a blissful yet quiet feeling. It is going to take even more effort to do that during the stressful times, when it is much easier to grab some trail mix or crackers. But it is so much of a better feeling then nonsense eating.

I know I have to celebrate some successes so here we go. Since Half Time, I have lost 4 pounds and noticing some of my Pilates moves improving and getting stronger. I also kicked the ass of my nemesis the “Hill Run.”