30 servings of vegetables a day is NOT a healthy way

Over and over I hear from well-meaning students that, they believe they are overweight BUT they eat very healthy. I know what they mean. They want me to understand that they stay away from fried foods and candy. I am sure they are expecting me to say, “ok then, to lose weight – you, probably need to add 8 hours of cardio each week” and then they can say, “I don’t have that kind of time,” And then they are off the hook.

But it really is, much simpler than that, and there is NO easy out. Anyone can do this and lose weight if they really want to. You can do this and lose weight, but first you need to revise your definition of health.

It is not healthy to over eat. It is NOT healthy even if you over-eat with vegetables, meat and whole grains. Too many servings of any food, even good food will create fat that will clog your arties, depress your joints, and create a host of health problems.

A platter of seasonal raw vegetables and lean fish may have fewer calories than a platter of sliders and french fries, but if it is a platter, and you know you are overweight – reduce all that healthy goodness into a portion that fits the frame of your body, hey a portion that fits in the palm of your hands… Fill YOUR Cup!!!