2 of 3 ways to combat hunger and stay in tune with your body

“Cup” Friends:  It’s fun to have an exercise buddy that supports your goals and provides camaraderie for your new exercise and eating program. Friends with like values, make great exercise partners.   You may also pick similar restaurants or bars to visit if your friends enjoy the same foods that you do.  I have friends that I ride with in my cycle classes and there is an amazing feel in the room with the synergy we create in a pack.  I have other friends that I meet for yoga classes and we meet at a slightly different but no less synergistic place.  I also have some friends who I hang out with socially but who are also conscious of what they eat and drink.   We never order giant portions or extra deserts; we just have fun being together.  I have a client who was doing really great with her commitment to exercise and adjusting her values about diet to meet her goals.  She told me that her friends and relatives seem to try to sabotage her efforts.  They were offering her foods she did not plan to eat and inviting her out to lunch when she was on her way to the gym.    Some relationships are undermining; they are a leak of your energy.   You need all the energy you can get while making profound changes in your body and your relationship to food.  Keep anyone who is not supportive at arms length for your first few months.  Choosing friends who support your goals is a conscious choice, just like the conscious choices you make about what you put in your Cup!

If you are married or in a long term relationship try to make your Cup-diet changes a joint commitment.  If you are trying to clear the snack foods and your partner keeps bringing them back into your sight it will be really difficult to stay on track.  When you are happier in your body you will be happier close to their body.  It is really good for both of you when you feel connected to your body.