Friendship is a mirror

“Reach through the top of your head” my best friend/yoga teacher tells me and taps the top of my head (smart teacher w/ her sensory cue.) I suddenly found my pose. And I also realized I didn’t have a clue where the top of my head was in that moment.

Sometimes it’s hard to see where you are in your body. Accurate body perception is a complicated emotional casserole. The ingredients include expectation, history, experience, acceptance, hope, regret and a whole lot of pinches and dashes of this and that. When we are floundering with our body a really honest friend can be a mirror. Those friends are rare since they must be comfortable enough in their body to be honest with you or me. A friend who can help might say something like: “Remember this photo from when we vacationed in Mexico, you were really happy in your skin there?“ Or “You look fantastic in those jeans I can see you’ve been sticking to the cup.”

What do we see in the mirror? How does it feel? Is this body what you want for your life experience? Just by reading this you have friends who support your plan for living light in your body. Follow me at @ j_fillyourcup. You can have your ideal body, Fill Your Cup.