Basic Truth

Basic Truth

Pearl Bailey a singer and actress in the 60’s said, “You never find yourself until you face the truth.”

Let’s face it. If you don’t like your body right now this moment, if you feel big or thick or don’t like the way your clothes squeeze too close at your hips or waist or arms, if you aren’t agile and confident when you are naked, the good news is, it is simple to change that.

If you are moving/exercising as much as you have time or energy for then it is time to scale back the food. All of it. Don’t think about just scaling back on breakfast or just one category of food. When we choose to just “give up white sugar” or “give up alcohol” that will probably be a very healthy option but it wont make you any thinner if you fill up your space with something else. If you give up the sugar and fill it with starch your body will stay thicker than you like. If you give up the alcohol but fill it with meat you will still be heavy.

Embrace your space. I’ll help you. You’re worth it!

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