Where are your Commitments?

I just read a fantastic article in Yoga Journal (page 49) by Sally Kempton who wrote, “The heart of Meditation.” She talks about what drives commitments and contracts. Specifically, she describes Core-Commitments which I understood as core values, she proceeds to Meta Commitments that are agreements you have with your very soul. She describes Meta Commitments as “a rudder for holding a steady course toward personal integrity.”

I remember reviewing my core values on my Birthday a few years ago when my youngest son was finally weaned. I chose to look at what mattered in my life. What made me feel most true to who I am? Some of those values had shifted in the 5 years I spent becoming a mother. I was committed to 3 sons and education and being a spiritual guide to my children was more important to me than making top dollar. Feeling great in my skin and having a lot of energy was also a necessity for me to feel whole and keep up with my young children.

Sally describes how to uncover your meta-commitments. (Read the article!) What she uncovers are spiritual commitments: To love in all circumstances, To make beauty, To live as your highest self. I wonder tonight if there is a space in Meta Commitments for the body to meet the soul?

What are the Commitments that you hold about your body, and the food you chose? My body commitments include: to give my body space to feel. To fuel my body from my own garden whenever I can, To feel my heart pounding until I loose my breath, and all the cells in my body feel alive.

Can commitments of the body connect to the soul? How much more integrity can we devote to Filling our cup?