It takes a mind body connection at the very depths of your psyche to fill your cup ALL of the time.

Even though Fill my Cup is my concept; and being in the cup 80% of the time keeps me happy and in my skinny jeans – everyday life can bump me off track. Our accountability through twitter and in mind body exercise certainly motivates me, yet I am still not connected ALL of the time, … at least not yet.

Sometimes the requirements of my life, kids, their school, sports etc… force me into a race where I show up with the best habits I have, but slip into “auto pilot” to get through the day. It’s a day where my breath is short, and then so is my temper. My posture stays in static resignation. I have tension under my skin and I don’t even know it until I try to touch my toes. I make an effort to stay present in conversation but beyond that, the humanity that touches my life floats past me as I muddle through a list.

That was last week.

This week I reconnect. My body moves like a stranger. I don’t know or like it. I feed it out of habit but still cant feel its requirements as well as I like to. I walk, bathe, read, and feel. I tickle my kids, laugh, teach Pilates, go to yoga, teach spin and finally I am coming back in … step-by-step, poco a poco, (little by little)…. are those my ribs expanding as I breathe?

Maybe tomorrow I can shop for food. I need something raw and fresh and grounding.