A Blog, a Boost, a Buddy

“Step away from the nuts!!!”… Says my girl friend/exercise/weight maintenance ally during an over scheduled day, when I anxiously begin snacking trail mix. I’m saved by the voice of reason. Tomorrow, I may offer a similar support for her.

When you’re on a quest for an exceptional lifestyle it is so very helpful to have a posse/a tribe/a team/a congregation – whatever! When you are doing something outside the norm, you need other people who totally support you. We are social creatures who see our own dreams and success mirrored in other people’s experiences. I see people every day who are inspired and energized by the vitality others bring to their goals. Socializing is a beautiful, motivating aspect of our human experience.

So what happens if you have exceptional goals, like living the Fill Your Cup life style and you are legitimately reigning in your portions, yet none of your friends or family really supports that goal? Or if they do support it “in theory” they don’t actually “get it” because they aren’t committed to trying to Keep the Cup themselves?

Your social support is RIGHT HERE – yes, here – in this blog and the 98 blogs that preceded it. They were all written with you, my friend, in mind. They address questions like: Why is it hard to eat less? How can you manage hunger? What tools may help you? Where do you find your own conviction? These blogs offer you camaraderie when embarking on the Fill Your Cup lifestyle.

Did you know that any question you post to any blog sends an email directly to me and sometimes to people who posted their comments before you? We are here to support you and help you maintain a lighter leaner lifestyle.

Stay Tuned, next lesson: Twitter

Fill Your Cup!