Path to Birth

Before my first child was born I studied birth – a lot.  I wanted to become a mother on my own terms and part of my study included the emotional map of Labor.  It’s a simple 4-step path.

1) Excitement

2) Focused Determination

3) Self Doubt

4) Birth

I liked all of it – except 3.  Can’t I do this with out the discomfort of Self Doubt, if I have enough information? If I do enough work? If I anticipate and prepare, can I avoid step 3? I had successful birth experiences – things went amazingly well.  However after birthing 3 babies in a bathtub, after birthing a new family structure, after birthing a business, birthing a new marriage, and watching my boys birth life passages of their own.   I have learned that you may not ever skip a step and my dreaded Self Doubt is a crucial part of the process.  It taught me humility and was an indicator that I fully recognized the importance of my role in connection with the Birth.  This new person/place/space is going to change me, help me evolve and now after birthing over and over again – when I get to self doubt, I’m a little bit relieved because the Birth of my dream is my very next step.

This Mother’s Day celebrate all the meaningful aspects of birthing a life that aligns with your soul.  Fill Your Cup!  Always.