Fatness kills you, why glamorize it?



Did you see the plus size model on the cover of Women’s Running?  The message was runners come in all sizes.  But glamorizing obesity is absurd – as absurd as glamorizing anorexia but, that is a different post.

Let’s be clear, obesity is an unhealthy choice just like smoking cigarettes and drinking vats of alcohol.  It is well documented that longevity and obesity do not go together. Obesity limits the human life span. Fatness kills you.

Eating too much, is an addictive habit that is difficult. Just like smoking and drug use, yet we aren’t putting chain smokers or crack addicts on the covers of fitness magazines.

I get it. Overcoming addiction in any form is hard. It’s painful.  It takes personal patience grit and tenacity in their highest forms.  I think we form addictions out of a deep need for emotional distraction.  Then addictions become habits and habits become unhealthy lifestyles.   A jog in some new sneakers isn’t going to change all that distraction > habit > lifestyle we’ve practiced and practiced.

Maybe that’s too deep… Here’s the message: chubby morbidity challenged ladies have just as much right to buy brand new stretchy size 18 clothes as the anorexic, equally morbidity challenged (?), ladies have the right to buy brand new size 0 stretchy clothes.

Cool, that may leave a size 6 or 8 on sale for us.