Shoppers for Belly Blockers:

Today in the Studio Mat class I heard from a witty, wonderful, sexy and stylish woman that she has accepted middle age and is in a retail quest for Belly Blocker Tops.   At first I thought she meant these popular exercise tops – The modern babydoll, -that hide our questionable choices:  click here

But she said “Ah no, there are Belly Blockers in every department not just athletics. “ I asked her “Wouldn’t it be kinder to her body to embrace her belly and maybe hold it closer to her ribs, develop muscle tone in pilates at home or in class?”   I added “Would you make time to eat less and live more actively to lose some of the extra belly rather than block it with fabric?” She agreed that was the goal and we all laughed that at least she was looking good along her path. She is absolutely beautiful and she can pull off any weight and look amazing.

When you give your self some focus, and chose to make your body into an image you enjoy, then shopping can be based on color, cut, and clearly I’m still talking about clothes, ladies!

Hold your “trouble spots” in view until they look like you want them to. You have one shot at this life-time live it unblocked and Fill Your Cup!

Belly Blocker Top with anonymous cropping

Belly Blocker Top with anonymous cropping