Life’s more fun if you don’t keep score

My person (“boyfriend” seems strange at our age) and I were playing golf this weekend. We were laughing and treating our twosome as a moving driving range experience more than a game when he said, “Golf’s a lot more fun when you don’t keep score.” I replied, “Life’s a lot more fun when you don’t keep score.” We both smiled because Andy and I have had this conversation many many times before.

How does it relate to Fill Your Cup? (New readers, FYC is a philosophy of life balance and weight management.) Well, to me when you are counting calories, measuring portions and obsessing on a particular meal plan for weight loss you loose sight and sensation of the essence of your hunger.

Are you certain about:
What and how much do you really need?
What feels like need and what may be want?
Can you make peace with your own headspace to be hungry a little while longer if you are trying to lose weight or make heavier choices if you are trying to gain weight?

I realize in our highly productive and effective society (I too was raised on Steven Covey’s 7 habits) that doing is more celebrated than being. However because eating and hunger are sentient experiences, perhaps being with those feelings in the moment is more effective than scoring, measuring and accounting all around them.

Ask yourself questions, share your answers, your hunger, your feelings and always Fill Your Cup.