About weight loss books

It’s a cold drizzly day in Park City and I’m browsing through my significant other’s bookshelf where he has several “weight loss lifestyle books.” Before we started dating Andy (that’s his name) had been trying to lose some weight.

Andy’s books are similar to ones I have read before. There is a section on inspiration, some rules of diet, and trends in nutrition followed by an exercise section of at home fitness routines that remind me of primary school PE class. Then there’s the grid of what you must do each day, how many servings you must eat and what you must stock in your pantry.

The whole thing makes me want to rebel and bite into a snickers bar and I’m not all that triggered or emotional about weight loss. I’m happy in my body. I can’t imagine how these books affect someone who is searching. Most weight loss approaches, just like these books’, are dogmatic and didactic. I kind of want to do something totally opposite just to prove I can live like I want and be thin. The truth is that no plan is absolute. There is not a one and only solution to permanent weight loss. No one size fits all. Sorry.

The only rule I can commit to is if you don’t make the path of your own volition it will never stick for the long term. I had a student say, “I can contain my portions and eat 1200 calories a day and look great for a while but its not sustainable for me.” I explained to her “That is because you never really got a grip on your own appetite. When you are clear about what, why and how you feed yourself you can sustain the body you want.” I had a magazine interview me about the best exercise for weight loss. They were disappointed when I answered, “Whatever you like – because I can’t come to your house at 6 am and tie your tennis shoes.”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to get to a place of acceptance where the calories you want matched the image you like to see of yourself? Yes that can absolutely happen, but only if it’s your own plan. No one can do it for you. I can coach you and ask questions to guide, but you have to answer those questions and commit to yourself. Fill Your Cup.