Plato and Steve finding the good life

In order for someone to find the good life or ideal state, it is crucial according to Plato that the 3 aspects of the soul are balanced.

Reason – your intellect that craves truth
Spirit – your will and personal choice that craves honor
Appetite – your desire and passion that crave matters of the world (sex, food, shelter, money, in no particular order.)

This seems to line up easily with the Fill Your Cup weight loss system.

Reason: cup size portions.
Spirit: move every day and have a community of people on your side
Appetite: what are you hungry for, do you know why? Check it with reason and fill your cup!

A student of mine was diagnosed with serious prostate cancer. He is an optimist, has remarkable will and soul alignment. He asked me to train him in Pilates deep core work every day prior to surgery this month.

Steve’s Cup:

Reason: He is meeting with the best doctors he can find, eating a vegan diet advised by a naturopath
Spirit: He has a huge network of friends, family and coaches who believe in him and all that is possible preparing him for surgery.
Appetite: He has radically changed his diet and said that in a week the vegan fresh organic life foods are all that he craves.

He’s beating odds daily. He’s armed with cutting edge brain research, absolute faith and in my opinion a harmonious soul that Plato would applaud.

What would you do if aligning your soul and caring for your body the best you could were a matter of life and death?