New Year’s Cup

So many people have body goals this time of year. Students will agonize with points and plans with cutting foods and buying special ingredients commanding themselves to exercise extreme discipline. It’s outside their normal life and that’s what it takes to change shape.

I’d like to offer a thought for my students who are especially body aware right now:

To my student who is frail: FILL (yes fill to the brim) your cup three times a day. Choose your most generous choices, meat avocados, rich nuts, vegetables, and fruits. You will feel different, you wont get thick but you will feel stronger and energetic.

To my student who is thick: Fill (just to take off the edgy of hunger) your cup only three times a day. Choose rigorous fibrous vegetables or fruit, and lean meat, you will be hungry but, you won’t be frail and you will feel more agile and light.

To the student who is anxious about life: Fill your cup three times a day. Each time thoughtfully pause and be inspired in your hunger to make the choices that suit your life’s demands.

Everyone deserves to fill his or her life well, as Plato suggests in harmony with reason, passion and appetite. Stay tuned, tweet what you eat and always fill your cup!