It’s not Fair!!

Summer Vacations provides those of us with spawn (as my cousin refers to my sons) more parenting opportunities than during the school year. We travel together, vacation together, eat more meals together, our easier schedules provide much, togetherness. A classic childhood complaint I’ve heard a lot this summer is “It’s not fair!?!” I tell my guys in response to that grievance, “Nope it’s not. So why do you keep expecting it to BE fair?”

When we struggle with our weight we have similar protests. These protests are often unspoken voices in our heads; they illuminate our maturity issue with food. What we want to be true isn’t and, wait for it…. “That’s not fair.”

OK, so why do we expect fairness after all these years of proof that life isn’t? That size 4 woman who orders onion rings and eats all of her burger even the bun, what’s the deal? You’ve got it – It’s not fair!? The skinny guy at work who laments “I make whole milk milkshakes every day and I just cant put on a pound.” Again, NOT fair?! Perhaps not. If you’ve wanted to be thinner, you’ve run into those unfair stories and rolled your eyes wondering what happened to your metabolism inheritance, move on past those questions.

I have no idea why some people have to workout more and eat considerably less but does it matter? What you really want is a shift between where you are today and where you want to be. Right? That will likely mean spending more time creating lean muscles on your body and less time eating, especially things that are delicious and abundant in the summer time like ice cream cones and umbrella drinks.

It is not fair. Don’t expect it to be. Live your life making the best choices you can! Fill Your Cup.