Eating vs. Exercise

Lean healthy bodies benefit from both appropriate diet and exercise. But I’ve found personally and by watching clients, shape is determined by exercise, and size is determined by diet. You can have a woman with flabby arms in a size 4 or a size 14. That is an exercise issue if “flabby” was what made your skin crawl. If the “size 14” made you uncomfortable then it’s a diet problem. It’s entirely your judgment that sets your course.

For most of us, if we never address issues of appetite, game over! We’re ripe for exhaustion. Connect the dots, more exercise makes us more HUNGRY! We eat more we exercise more we’re HUNGRY then more eating then woah gatta count those calories on the elliptical, we’re exercising and over and over and over and whhhhaaat?!?! Step off the crazy counter and take a breath. What happens when you feel hungry? Can you just …be, while your hungry? Take a deep breath, walk around, brush your teeth and get something else done before you browse the pantry for some savory snack? Try it! Only Fill Your Cup!