Healthy Recipe

Responses to our last blog post (especially the Face book Responses Thank You Carrie for sharing!) indicated that eating fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and drinking water are healthy. Let’s start with the vegetables. To eat more vegetables, getting organized is half the battle.

#1) Shop for what is in season. If there is no one knowledgeable in your favorite produce market look for the freshest, brightest most vibrant vegetables you see. My standard is if it doesn’t look and smell like what it is “supposed to,” I don’t buy it. (It goes for fruit too, if an apple smells like wax chose something else.)

#2) Chop and store in sealed containers. If you chop a healthy mosaic of Veggies at least once or twice a week you will eat much better because meals are convenient. If you plan to enjoy your vegetables as a salad keep the dressing separate until serving or your beautiful salad will have a 48 hr life even in the refrigerator.

#3) When you have limited time for food prep you have your chop ready to go you just add a little cheese or meat or whatever you need to make that cup feel like a meal.

What I chopped this week: 1 bulb of fennel, 2 leeks, one head of broccoli, 4 stalks of celery (the others from the bunch I sold to my kids with peanut butter) 1 shredded fresh beet, the seeds of 1 pomegranate.

I dressed it with: some apple cider vinegar, a splash of balsamic vinegar, lil maple syrup, walnut oil, some crumbled blue cheese and then topped it with honey caramelized walnuts.

Fill Your Cup and save the rest for later.