“Suffering is the swiftest steed to redemption.” – Medieval common-phrase

The sad truth is pain avoidance is a bigger motivator than pleasure seeking. So, work with that. If you want to change your body, your health, style, your whatever…. How painful can your imagination make, the idea of being stuck in this situation here f-o-r-e-v-e-r (Can you hear the deep echoing voice?) Sit with that suffering and then redeem yourself!

When I work with a person with cancer, they work hard, they’re all in.   Doing homework isn’t a coaxing thing for a guy with prostate cancer looking toward wearing diapers the rest of his life. He’ll do 20 min of homework not once, but twice a day! The woman getting a flatter tummy before her class reunion isn’t nearly as committed. Why?  The suffering is less.   The humiliation with adult diaper leaking has incredible social pain and being a little chubby at middle age is not only accommodated in our society but also expected.

Find your suffering and you’ll find the courage to develop the self-discipline to Fill Your Cup.

Castration, Friendship and Karma – How will you live the rest of your life and who will you serve in doing so?

Below is a heart moving tribute from a client who endured a complete prostatectomy on this week, last year. Steve reminds us our service in the world creates substance and significance. In the next few posts I will review his year as his mind-body coach.

In one week I get castrated – I have never been so terrified in my life

This is the worst thing a man can go through personally and it has shown me the good and the bad in me – and unfortunately there is more bad and selfishness than good that I’ve identified. I have found such strength in my close friend and personal trainer Julie W. Poplawski – every coach needs a coach says my friend and mentor Mikel Harry – she is the strongest (mentally and physically) woman I know other than my Mother, and for the record her teachings and philosophy about life brings me a sense of calm I’ve never found before, and what is so interesting and beautiful is that everything that she has said or done for me is something I have done or said for others in my life – a reason to live a life for others has never been so clearer.

How will you live the rest of your life and who will you serve in doing so? – Steve Cooper

On the edge of your life, your core emerges. Now or Never, Ready or not… you drop your polite training, your public image and then the essence of what you believe is right there. We worked the core of Steve, Literally. Pelvic Floor and we worked the soul of Steve. What is worth fighting the disease for, breaking the medical communities predictions for, what is really worth living wholly for?