Appetite in Light

I’m not a vegan. I’m not gluten free. I’m not vegetarian and I don’t abstain. I don’t juice and I don’t fast. I don’t know who Mr. Atkins is and I don’t binge or purge. I’ve never been to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I don’t have a gym membership or a physical trainer. I don’t always eat dinner before 7 and I don’t measure my portions in relation to a deck of cards.
I am a happy, healthy, fairly well adjusted size 10. My life is full of lots of unconditional love and I don’t feel the need to be something else. I’ve had ups and downs with my weight in my life. Two kids and a few too many ice cream sandwiches. But, I’m active. I’m super, duper active. I just go, go, go. I like a number of physical activities and rarely go a day without working up a sweat. At least once.
I eat when I’m hungry. I eat what my wonderful husband prepares at night for dinner. I try to be moderate with my portions. Salad on my dinner plate. Pasta in a small side bowl. No to that delicious smelling garlic bread. I try to count how many chips I had with my sandwich and make mine open face.
I’m strong and I’m flexible. I’m short and I’m curvy. I’m 44, but I feel more like 30. I’m more comfortable in my body now then I was 24 pounds lighter at 21. My kids have seen me naked more times, I’m sure, than they could ever count. I’m comfortable in my body. I know my body doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
I practice yoga. I look at myself in the mirror and I practice loving what I see. And what I see is beauty and grace. I just want to love myself, because time is always passing and I don’t want to waste a precious moment beating myself up. I can hike and I can run. I can’t bench press my own body weight, but I can do a black belt push up. I can swim 60 laps right now if you like and I can almost always get a full bind in parsvakonasana.
I have a healthy appetite for food and for exercise. I crave love and I crave friendship. I indulge in the here and the now and consume every minute of my day. My life is very satisfying and I feel most full when I am giving to others.
All this talk about appetite is making me hungry.

– Julie Tuomisto-Bell, Yoga teacher and blessing to all who know her. (Thank you again for all you are)

Building / Being a Superhero!!

How do you love and support someone well enough that they can be their best and brightest self all the time? As a mother of three boys I learned early on (by trial and miserable error) the trifecta for a winning day with little boys is gross motor exhaustion, steady caloric intake, and sleep. When I have my children (I am recently divorced) I work hard to keep their little bodies in balance because with balance, they are in their best nature, pleasurable to be around and not nearly as hard on the drywall. I remind my guys: “Your energy is fantastic make it healthy, run, climb swim and avoid tearing your brother’s arms off!” or “Your words are clever and organized don’t use them to hurt his feelings.” In a general sense, “use your powers for good, super kid!!”

How do you love and support your self enough to be your best and brightest all the time? What is your personal matrix of well-being? How well do you find balance? What is your formula for bliss amidst the entropy of daily life? I asked all those notes of a dear friend since he doesn’t blog here are his comments:

My thoughts are somewhat mathematical in nature. It takes three points to define a plane. For your boys, they are food, sleep and exercise. When one point is moved for one boy, the planes are no longer in alignment and become askew. This leads to lots of interesting intersections, some of which are constructive, some not, some of which are positive, some not. The interesting thing is that the whole plane and it’s intersections change based on the movement of one point. This lends credibility to your argument about life balance, where the three points may be parental, personal, and professional. Get one point out of whack, and the whole plane orientation shifts.

What are your three primary needs? What are your points for balance? sleep, work, exercise, or eating, moving, thinking, or loving, resting, producing. What key points make up your perfect average day, not holiday, but daily life day?

Bikini Boot Camp+Fill Your Cup event May 6-13

So our Bikini Boot Camp+Fill Your Cup event May 6-13 only has a few registered guests. I am racking my brain as to why? It is so amazing an incredible experience! Google ads didn’t seem to work, word of mouth has been slow going. My eyes flashed open today and I thought I haven’t really told the tribe of Cup Keepers about it in WORDS! My favorite medium.

So here is how it goes, you fly to Cancun and then drive hopefully with me if we get in near the same time in an SUV down to Tulum past the Mayan Jungles to a quaint beach town, the white sand beaches and pristine blue ocean water shimmer like a glossy-4-color vacation magazine. Just across the highway are dense jungles, exotic plants, the Mayan ruins are all over those parts but, we will see those later in the week.

As you walk into the resort you see your cabanas – they have modern décor see: and the sound of the ocean fills your head it almost becomes your breath. You walk through the cabana and nearly every one has a balcony view of the ocean – the water is blue and warm enough to comfortably swim in! (This is not the Pacific Ocean!)

All week you will be in shorts, light cotton clothes or your swimsuit. I can pack in my kids’ backpack for these 6 days. I don’t need to take my best lotions or sweet smelling products; we are by the jungle so there are mosquitoes. Everything you want to bring should be light and natural.

The coffee is wonderful so we will drink a mug on the balcony write in our journals and talk until everyone arrives. Then walk a few steps to the studio a round room with a panoramic view of the ocean and practice Pilates and core class and talk about Fill Your Cup. Each day I will schedule time to talk to anyone who wants to individually about their body with regard to movement what we can address with Pilates and their goals with food and lifestyle.

After Pilates we will have some breakfast (cup size) maybe swim, snorkel or go to the ruins. Come back have Lunch (cup size) have another walk on the beach or swim. Everyone gets 2 massages but I would wait until at least day 3 or 4 to work out any kinks in your muscles. You can have your mud treatment in the afternoon or evening. Night times are quite in Tulum, we can have a cocktail and small dinner, (again cup size) Fresh fish, or meats from local farms and locally grown produce will Fill Your Cup. Just being barefoot for days and hearing the ocean, feeling its rhythm in your bones is transformative. It is private and quite, your own serenity. Tulum is a perfect place to learn Fill Your Cup. Sign up today! You deserve it.

Price: $